This is a 5-star blog

This is a 5-star blog
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Benefits of Digital Gaming

I love gaming and most adults may not know this but gaming actually helps in stimulating intellectual development as it builds skills beneficial as children grow older. Gaming also helps to develop our motor skills and expand our imagination. These all could be good in helping to keep at bay certain progressive illnesses as Alzheimer's disease. On top of that, gaming can also improve a child's capacity to remember better and also enhance other abilities such as their ability to induce and deduce, memorize, solve problems, recognize patterns, mind mapping. It can also help to improve their perseverance skills and manage the challenges brought about by attention deficit disorder very widely and commonly found in many children thesedays.

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Friday, 5 November 2010

My Character Bible

Character/Creature Design


Sebastian: Version 1


A prince and king-to-be, King Sebastian Jr exudes an aura of unique distinction yet looking so gugu and gaga. With beak wide open, and fluttering his little wings in frantic excitement, he demands to be fed immediately. Sebastian is reminiscent of the molly-coddled guise that receiving 100% attention is his absolute birthright as everyone is there to please him, love him and spoil him totally unconditionally at all times. Like all babies, Prince Sebastian is toally attention and affection seeking. He knows he is fully aware that he is in an environment whereby he is safe to throw his tanthrum and yet able to get away with his mischief; and continually remaining pampered and loved as reflected upon the deeply inspirited and comely glow in his eyes that will never ever fade nor grow wary nor weary with the passage of time. Sebastian's Givenchy-inspired baby pip bears the motif of a king's face.

Sebastian: Version 2

As a child delinquent in school, Sebastian often get into trouble trying to steal piranhas from the pond in the center of the royal court yard. Sebastian loves blood and making fresh sashimi out of the fishes and other little games he personally hunts down. He puts up a fierce fight during his chase and often end up gnashing alot of blood out of his little victims when he uses his most deadly weapon ie. the death roll. Virtually nothing escapes from King Sebastian Jr.'s deadly brutal death roll. NOTHING.


Sebastian is a character from my Character Bible which I have created for my final Character Design project.

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Importance of Phonemic Awareness

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the lack of basic education often leads to high school dropouts and illiteracy evident in the adult population in many countries. The stigma of not being able to read or having difficulty pronouncing words may cause problems with self-image and self-confidence. When a child learns phonics, it can build his confidence, so he begins to speak up more often. This will contribute and help them greatly in the development of their leadership and management skills in future when they grow up.

I remember Mark Twain once said..

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
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