This is a 5-star blog

This is a 5-star blog
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Benefits of Digital Gaming

I love gaming and most adults may not know this but gaming actually helps in stimulating intellectual development as it builds skills beneficial as children grow older. Gaming also helps to develop our motor skills and expand our imagination. These all could be good in helping to keep at bay certain progressive illnesses as Alzheimer's disease. On top of that, gaming can also improve a child's capacity to remember better and also enhance other abilities such as their ability to induce and deduce, memorize, solve problems, recognize patterns, mind mapping. It can also help to improve their perseverance skills and manage the challenges brought about by attention deficit disorder very widely and commonly found in many children thesedays.

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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Volcano Larva Durian Mousse X'mas Logcake


egg yolk
coconut creme
creamy cream
orange cocoa butter
snow powder

Equipment required : air brush, sculpting tool, common sense

Special Christmas Party


Drysburg Avenue


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Who Is Jesus Christ?

Rare Image of Jesus Christ
Submit Your BlogJesus of Nazareth is the Christ, the "Anointed One," or the "Messiah" in Hebrew. The name "Jesus" is derived from the Hebrew-Aramaic word "Yeshua," meaning "Yahweh [the Lord] is salvation." The name "Christ" is actually a title for Jesus.

Jesus is the central figure in Christianity. His life, message and ministry are chronicled in the four Gospels of the New Testament.

Most Bible scholars would not argue that Jesus was a carpenter and Jewish teacher from Galilee and he performed many miracles of healing and deliverance. He called 12 Jewish men to follow him, working closely with them to train and prepare them to carry on ministry.

Submit Your BlogAccording to the bible, he was crucified in Jerusalem by order of Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor, for claiming to be the King of the Jews. He resurrected three days after his death and appeared to his disciples and hundreds of people, and then ascended into heaven.

As man was separated from God through Adam's sin, he was reconciled back to God through Jesus Christ's sacrifice. His life and death provided the atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world. He will claim his Bride, the church, and later return at his Second Coming to judge the world and establish his eternal kingdom, thus fulfilling messianic prophecy.
As featured on "The Savior" Magazine

Jesus Christ had accomplished so much in his lifetime. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, and born of a virgin. He lived a sinless blameless life. He turned water into wine, healed many sick and blind people, he forgave sins, he multiplied fish and loaves of bread to feed thousands on more than one occasion, he delivered the demon possessed, he walked on water, he calmed the stormy sea, he raised many from death to life. Jesus Christ proclaimed the good news of the Kingdom of God. He descended into hell and took the keys of death and hell..

For more information regarding this amazing man Jesus Christ please refer to following links:

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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Weight Loss Tips

Submit Your BlogWhy do we set weight loss goals every beginning of the year only to end up breaking those goals eventually?

After speaking with many experienced personal trainers and weight loss mentors, I discover that most fat loss failures are really not a result of lacking in knowhow. Infact, most people thesedays already have all the know how and even if not, they would have had all the information they require at their fingertips thanks to google.
Stick to your goals, boys and gals!
So it is really not without knowledge that people fail in their weight loss endeavor. I believe it is not applying what they know and the lack of faith in carrying out their plans which cause them to fail. Other contributing factors may be too much conflicting information, failure to discern correctly what are the program suitable for themselves, lack of discipline, temptations, cravings, laziness, lack of positive mindset, impractical expectations and incorrect mindsets and quitting too soon etc.
For instance, once we lack of the discipline to resist our cravings for or temptations of sugary and oily foods and starting succumbing to laziness or even start giving ourselves excuses or kept delaying or even deviateing from our plans, we would have subconsciously already thrown in the towel, sometimes before we even began.

Submit Your BlogAlso,  sometimes due to improper weight loss or worse when one resort to starvation inorder to achieve weight loss, it not only creates adverse effects upon our healths but it can also cause our healths to deteriorate as a result of lack of proper care and nutrition.
Believe in Yourself..

Hence, what are the components of effective weight loss? How to preserve  our health while keeping those extra pounds off so as in order to achieve a truly healthy lifestyle for the rest of our lives? How do we maintain self-disciple or self-motivation over a lengthy period of time in the face of so much of visually enticing, but yet also utterly sinful, foods we see and come into contact with everywhere?
Basically I feel that a couple of factors are imperative for success in this long unwinding fat-battle, namely-- need and desire. Knowledge, when coupled with these two, plus correct positive motivation and mutual support almost always leads to success. It can be as simple as "I want my physique to look as good as Collin Ferrel!"
Ya gotta encourage each other..

Support is extremely important in that it act as means of checks for one another if one is able to find a partner in similar shoes for mutual encouragement and mutual support. This also puts a system of accountability in place so that one can constantly remind the other on their way to a healthy and balanced way of life.
The reason why most diet plans which are not coupled with proper nutrition fail is because these plans ruin people’s metabolic rate. Inorder to boost our metabolism, it is important not only that we must eat less but the key is in eating the correct foods that are beneficial in increasing metabolism.
Don't punish yeself!
When our metabolism increases, our body can actually become a fat burning machine, liken to when we were in our childhood days when our metabolism is so high that nothing we eat can make us fat. Even when our body is at rest it still continues to burning up fat.
However, weight loss do not have to be punishing. 
We do not need to deprive our body of the foods we love simply because its unhealthy and/or fattening. From time to time, it is still perfectly okay to eat "unhealthy foods" so long as we do not over indulge or revert back to that same old eating habit again.
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In short, so long as the sum of all things are concerned, moderation is still the golden key.

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Diets, Weight Loss and Health

Submit Your BlogI feel that while losing weight is important, to do so correctly, safely and effectively is the key to bring about long term weight management and prolonging success.

Understanding the function of our liver in weightloss is pertinent in weight loss ie. why is liver so crucial in helping us in our weight loss?

Understand ye body, babe!
We must understand that when fat is stored in our body, it can produce poisons and toxins inside our system and the liver must then work extra hard just to get rid of all these poisons and toxins which are then discharged from our bodies through our urines and wastes. (This is why many weight loss programs often comes with this initial phase of "detoxification")

On top of that, our liver is also responsible for bile production, excretion of cholesterol, hormones, and drugs , metabolic process of fat, proteins, and carbs which are all paramount in weight reduction. The liver is also responsible for synthesis of plasma proteins, enzyme activation, storage of glycogen, vitamins, and vitamins and minerals, bloodstream detoxification and purification etc.

As such, we must be careful not to overwork our livers because eating foods not beneficial for our livers can possibly result in overworked livers. While certain meals function to aid your liver organ, some does not. Wholesome foods with as little or without seasonings and fruits, for instance, are one of the foods that are beneficial to our liver functions. Foods that are specially not good for the liver include deep-fried and oily foods and also processed foods and foods that are sugary and salty and contains unhealthful synthetic seasonings as MSG etc.
Eat The Correct Food!
 Inorder to lose weight effectively and keep the weight off for good, we must first be able to understand this simple principle.
We must always be discerning as to what kinds of food to eat in order to feed our livers correctly with what it requires so that in return it will be able to work for us by helping us burn fat. We must also know what are the foods which actually encourage fat buildup in the body and as far as possible, avoid them.
We should not always follow tips or even so-call "philosophies" so often preached by many so-call weight loss gurus and experts in the commercialized market of weight loss supplements, gym memberships, over-marketed weight loss and beauty institutions --basically those whereby you must pay hefty lot of money inorder just to see results because effective weight loss and secrets to better health really begins in our every day, basically our eating habits, proper nutrition and exercise all of which really should not cost more than what we really think or the price tag which those huge money-churning establishments are trying to churn out from us.  
Go for wholesome foods!
Also note that supplements as meal replacement supplements are merely real foods that have become grinded into powder form and added with artificial nutrients and minerals. For the mere purpose of convenience, it is absolutely fine but for long term consumption, it is really no advisable at all. Nothing can totally substitute fresh wholesome foods as meats, chicken, eggs, vegetables etc which are still the best when weight loss and health benefits are concerned.
Hence, in order not to overload our liver so that it is able to do what it is programmed to do (ie weight loss) we must eat correctly. In doing so, we will be able to lose weight. As a matter of fact, when we eat properly and correctly, our bodies will be able to melt away plenty of fat. So, hence it is very much liken to the saying "help your liver to help yourself" because when you help your liver by providing it with the correct food that are beneficial for it, it will in return assist you in burning off the fat that you need to burn off quickly.
Another problem that can arise from improper dieting is when you eat less in contrast to what the body requires in the hope of losing weight, the body creates insulin spikes which will then hold on to the fat inside our body preventing the fat from metabolizing or discharged off as energy. This will also cause the food we eat to become stored as even more fat deposits inside our body. Instead of resulting in weight reduction and seeing our fats melting away, the moment we deprive our body of food, we actually end up putting on even more weight.
Easy Come Easy Go, Honey!
This way, we really do not even need to put our body through any kind of strenuous cardiovascular activity or spine breaking intensive weight training just to get into shape. With correct proper eating habits and a thoughtful and mindful diet and with minimal exercise of half an hour every day, not only will we become trim naturally, we will also feel mentally more alert, our bodies also become more energized and we no longer need to starve ourselves. In fact, a good healthful nutrition program is what we must strive to achieve for ourselves if we ever want to achieve stable long term results in the long haul. Forget about quick over night successes because liken to a person who strikes a million dollar lottery who will most possibly lose all his instant overnight wealth just as quickly as he gained it, like the saying "easy come easy go", hence similarly, instant weight loss that is not coupled with a proper nutrition program and exercise will also be fleeting even if initially we may achieve some astonishing results but the moment we start to revert back to your old unhealthful lifestyle and attitude towards food again, our results will not last for very long because soon it will be as good as going back to square one again. 
Don't Stress!!!
Hence, educating our minds is the key to success. Infact losing weight is something which our body is already programmed to do for us by itself but however, in today's world, stress and improper ways of handling stress often lead to many problems and in many instances, we unwittingly abuse our own bodies with comfort foods just to soothe our overwrought nerves only to result in unexpected weight gain over time or even worse-- eating disorder and obesity-related problems --all of which are the most common and yet also most dangerous things to our health because they ultimately cause our body and health to break down. When under stress, our minds often times tend to go into an erratic state of "taking over" and in doing so, instead of listening to what truly our body says, the mind start making all the wrong decisions for it instead eg. going for instant immediate gratification only to mark the beginning of our nightmares ahead.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Ozuru's Perplexities

Ozuru's Perplexities..

Submit Your Blog"In retrospection, maybe I should just cease flirting with the danger of allowing such evil desecrated thoughts of following one's dreams and pursuing one's ideals to creep into my mind or subsist. What if such iniquity ultimately ravaged me or if I hopped the twig trying? That was a thought forever on my mind. Perhaps I simply just think too much and should just throw myself into it and do it. Or maybe, I should completely just abstain from such kind of malevolent and dissolute 'vice' that only aimed at besmirching one's judgment and blighting one's subconscious, like the opulence and sublunary of material comfort or even opiate, I thought, for such supercilious things, as dreams and ideals, though sublime, were only meant for the truly privileged and chosen. Suddenly overwhelmed with feelings of contrition and inadequacy, I felt as if so undeserving of what I desired, as if it was a crime to dream, as if dreaming was a debauched act of blasphemy, as if I was a sinner and ought to be crucified, although I always believed that every empire started out from one single little dream too. 

Perhaps, it was only when one did what one reviled and learned how to overcome such negative feelings of odium, by accepting it as their bad karma or ill-fate, and accepting the fatality of never ever realizing one's true potential, then only would one truly be deserving of success. Maybe only then would one really become successful. And maybe perhaps only then would one find true lasting happiness.  

Anyway, this was what the standard education system at school, work, home and life at large had taught us all along—which they all sometimes called it ‘discipline’ and ‘hard work’, which of course anyone would know, but they never seemed to stress enough of all other things else as dreams and aspirations. Their focus and stress point always only seemed to be on the secondary things, so much so, that the crucial things, the gist, the fundaments of us as living beings were completely left out, forgotten and never brought up again as the years go by, though that was just the process rather than any cause or effect. Why was it so impossible for them to see the big picture? as I thought, deplorably, while suddenly having mixed feelings of disappointment and frustration welling up inside me. Perhaps, maybe that was why all those people around me such as my dull and monotonous teachers in school, my blank and emotionless bosses and ex-bosses and colleagues at work and the rest of the seemingly dying but yet undead life at large never once spoken about dreams, about aspirations, not that I was even able to remember or recall.
Maybe their brittle exteriors were just a mask to hide their hidden anger and frustration, and that their insouciance and nonchalance were simply but a result of their own dreams unfulfilled or dreams that never even exist in the first place because their souls were simply too young to realize and actualize their true purpose in life, but instead, they’re like as good as mere re-embodiment of lonely souls and discontented spirits wandering at large. Unlike old matured souls who had undergone reincarnations for centuries, every century, one life time after another life time, young souls were probably stuck in some lifetime for a long time refusing to part and move on, hence, even when they eventually personified, their minds would remain shallow, unenlightened, unresolved, grudging, and ignoble—hence the existence of bigotry, prejudice, hatred, revenge, racism or discrimination of sorts –mainly human defects and imperfections perceived as societal problems. Maybe, I should just take the easier path of following into the exemplary footsteps of my pioneers before me, and not try to be different, not try to be a schmick schmuck. After all, they had been there and done that so their words were supposed to be tested and simply inveterate. 

Going against tradition, convention or crossing onto unchartered boundaries may mean treading on deadly grounds and one might end up getting my foot blown to bits. But yet, it was in the thrill from the danger of such unknown that often seemed so fascinating and breath-taking. Perhaps, I should not try to institute something on my very own accord, without corroboration or approval from certain unexplainable universal calculation or cosmic configuration that was way beyond my worldly comprehension, anyway for as a form of cataclysmic consequences, I might suffer the infinity of chastisement and denunciation for being so arrogant, defiant and brash. As such, for my very own good, perhaps maybe the best was just doing nothing, and simply just wait for opportunity to come knocking on my doors, though as dopy and inane as it all may sound.

All these were the kind of annoying wraithlike intonation that my unguarded mind would unconsciously recite upon, repeatedly, especially in moments of self-doubt, or when things eventually derailed, and conniving skeptics, critics and cynics started stoning me with what seemed like irreverence and profanity rather than good advices, pitching me off my guard, and off my track. Intransigently, it would always tick me off whenever that happened, proving to all those skeptics, cynics and critics once again, they were right.
All these thwarted and twisted thoughts and beliefs had developed over years of accumulation from the influence of environment and intravenously already diffused into my belief-system so may take longer than just overnight to modify or reform if I ever wanted to follow my own heart's desire. As such, in postulation, I felt that for me to hold on to something for dear life and never let go, either a miracle must happen or it must be destined and then nobody and nothing would be able to swerve me off my course or oust me. Then again, perhaps they were right after all as I thought in sudden total resignation. What was the point in trying? Life was fated, everything was, exactly how much we ate, how much we drank, how much money we would have in this lifetime. It was all fated!" by ozuru with plenty of sighs

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Ok now, i think i should try to clear a few frightening misconceptions about this huge monsterous lizard Iguana, u just saw, that looks like Godzilla..This ginormous quirky Iguana may look scary or even ugly to some people at first but its actually quite cute and comely and very docile and peaceful unlike those predatory lizards in the wild that can be quite shallow and inadequate inside, exhibiting all the streaks of a wild animal, but Iguanas are not like that as they do not snare or scare or attack or pull on a kamikaze stun when under pressure or provoked like those other lizards as tree lizards, komodo dragons etc which are canivores. This one is a herbivore and if properly domesticated, it is capable of responding affectionately upon human contact liken to a pet dog and the best thing is that it won't bite!

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This is Yohji Ozuru, the first and most endearing character I created in conjunction with SDCC.

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ozuru in raining berries

Monday, 18 April 2011

Jona's confession - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

"Tout de suite at times I felt as if stained by some hoodoo's miasma and my heart bound to martyrdom and pangs for a perennial lifetime. Suddenly and aberrantly, I abhorred every waking human being walking on the face of the planet, as if the whole world was guilty of a felony it did not even had any idea it had inadvertently perpetrated. Suddenly, I felt as if fading to the very last moments of my secular existence, as if morphing into one of those dark lurid awe-inspiring luminaries, with a cryptic, morbid and unspeakable past, not because of any horrendous crime I committed, but because I was singular, puissant, different, as such, circled out, alienated and ostracized. Ignorance and bigotry of human kind had dogmatically driven my 'kind' to the precipice of devastation and despair, and as if threatening to dominate and obliterate us. Ultimately, at certain point, inevitably I had to face my own demons in the eye and strike back. This was the sort of consciousness forever existing in my mind, which, so ever constantly taunted me.

Submit Your BlogLike a mutant constantly having to battle his conflicting innerworld while struggling to manage his gift and simultaneously contending with the brutal atrocities from the world outside them, I too sometimes had to combat my own kind of demons and overcome my conflicting inner-self and paranoia, while at the same time fending off those undesirable persecutions of my antagonists, critics, cynics, mainly detractors. How i wished i could also be as gifted; possessing similar kinds of special abilities as mutants like having the power to invoke the fury of Mother Nature upon all these obnoxious opponents, banishing them to the farthest ends of the world with just a single puff or subjecting them to interminable depths of misery with just a single scowl, or effortlessly just will those nasty rabbles into a sorry state of rubble or nonexistence with just a slight turn of the palm or flick of a finger. Then, nobody would dare rub me the wrong way anymore ever again. Empowered with such self-satisfied thoughts, I suddenly found myself beam triumphantly from ear to ear, mocking at my adversaries while completely in awe with my own twisted genius, galvanizing upon the mere thrill of theevery moment watching my rivals floundering in gloom.

(oh, this is made with lotsa love, as u can see..)

Even though nobody actually labeled me as some kind of freak of nature, but inside me, I was as if already inflicted with almost the same kind of horrendous psychological torment and emotional mutilation the latter undergone before metamorphosing into the powerful entity that it eventually come to be. At one point, it probably seemed like I had gone out of my mind; that I had perhaps lost it ... but I was far from losing it, for it was only a fine line between insanity and virtuosity for the self-aggrandizement inside me was growing at such incredible pace. Despite the fact that all these would definitely make me stronger if they did not end up killing me, the upshot may be far from what I'd wish for.
my special gift

Submit Your Blog As the case may be, the only power I would most probably acquire was power over my own will and mind, so as not to succumb to those negative criticisms, caustic remarks, harmful advices and disparaging words, though that alone was barely even enough to quench my insatiable appetite for supremacy. Suddenly, I did not mind even if I had to die of an acute death a thousand times over inorder to transmogrify into that fiery legend feared by all, and had it been a moment of impulse, I may even had trade my soul for it, for the moment it unleashed its numinous powers, the planet we resided upon would immediately cease to orbit and gravity would lose its gripe over all things on earth and everything would suspend aimlessly in vacuity and all life form on earth would come to an immediate stand still, and the whole world would be in an unruly state of perplexity, ambiguity, anarchy and twilight. In complete awe of such outlandish ideas of having the whole world right under my feet, suddenly, I felt I would not mind a single bit being called a "freak" -- Who possibly would?

I continued rummaging through such unorthodox thoughts as my state of mind slowly and gradually become erratic and compulsive. Beleaguered by all those ill-fitting and perplexed thoughts, acerbic and antagonistic sentience, suddenly, I felt an impending contraction, as my breathing intensified and all I could hear was my heart pounding louder and louder while my ears gradually closing up, blocking out every sound, until eventually, all I could hear was only my own heart beat and my own breathing which gradually intensified, as I witnessed the whole entire world passing by me in super slow motion. Gradually feeling fade and wobbly, I was precariously as if trying to make my way towards a fuzzy nebulous glint ahead of me through this copious overwhelming mob, but with extremely great exertion and difficulty, and as my chest gradually tightened while my gasps gradually becoming more and more irregular and rapid, I quickly entered into a state of horror.

Suddenly it felt as though all about me was about to culminate to an end, while imageries of my past, one by one, flashed pass right before me. Trying to make out between reality and the virtual world, from which I was traversing back and forth, and in and out of, everything slowly just turned into a vague impression as my vision ultimately becoming smudged, and before I even knew it, I was render into a subliminal state of infinite vacuity ..O' Lord, please save me, I'm losing it...." -- Jona, during one particularly fiery and wicked summer day, OUT.

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Message from Mimi the Owl

Au o zi bună şi să fie foarte entuziasmat!

Season of excitement and surprises amongst many wonderful things..


Importance of Phonemic Awareness

According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, the lack of basic education often leads to high school dropouts and illiteracy evident in the adult population in many countries. The stigma of not being able to read or having difficulty pronouncing words may cause problems with self-image and self-confidence. When a child learns phonics, it can build his confidence, so he begins to speak up more often. This will contribute and help them greatly in the development of their leadership and management skills in future when they grow up.

I remember Mark Twain once said..

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
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